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Beauty Store Meltdown {NC Makeup Artist}


“Shoot me now!” one of my friends said to me about a recent trip to Ulta in search of a new foundation. The hundreds of different brands in the store completely overwhelmed her, with little help from a sales associate, and she walked out empty handed and discouraged. Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt like my friend!! You are not alone in feeling overwhelmed. We as the consumer, are bombarded with thousands of new beauty products every year. Each one making claims that their products is the new fountain of youth, while emptying our pockets at the same time. Go look in your closet and count how many hair, skin or makeup products are sitting there, both used and un-opened.  My count was in the hundreds…*cough* (don’t tell my hubby.)

Obviously, I love me some makeup! But even I, who is a professional makeup artist, can get overwhelmed at the sure volume of beauty products out there in the stores. The commercials and advertisements in magazines don’t help, and somehow I find myself shelling out $$$ for the newest items out there, when I have plenty of lovely products in my closet. Maybe I should start using them (I can hear my hubby saying that to me now.)

But what about the girl who doesn’t have hundreds of products hoarded in her closet?  (I think “hoarder” is an accurate term to described my addiction to beauty products….I admit I have a problem :)) And what about the girl who doesn’t know all the terminology, and gets confused by all the options? Eyeshadow with primer, eyeshadow without, cream eyeshadow, liquid eyeshadow, powder eyeshadow, matte eyeshadow, glitter eyeshadow etc, etc, etc. And that’s just one product! IT’S ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU PULL OUT YOUR HAIR!

Here are a few tips to not only leave the store with the product you went in looking for, but to enjoy the process.

  1. Do some internet research BEFORE heading out the store. There is a ton of great information on the web on every product out there! This will help eliminate sales associate pushing products on you that you don’t really need or want.
  2. Narrow down the choices, again BEFORE you go to the store. In your researching, pick three choices MAX.  People tend to get more overwhelmed, and paralyzed into making a decision, with countless options.
  3. Choose a store that’s helpful. If you love department store counters, then go there. If you love Ulta or Sephora, than go there. Do be careful of sales associates that are trying to meet sales goals. Sometimes it’s hard to tell, but if you are being coerced into buying something, most likely they are trying to make a goal.
  4. Bring a friend who will tell you the truth about how a product looks on you..again don’t rely solely on the opinion of the sales associate.
  5. Ask for samples! Try before you buy for liquids and creams. Obviously certain products it’s impossible to take home a sample. But testers in stores are great to try on your hands. (if applying testers to the face watch the associate clean and sterilize the item before you try it!) I personally love Sephora because they will give you loads of samples to try products before you buy.
  6. Have fun! Makeup especially, is suppose to be fun, and to help us put our best face forward! Don’t think of it like a chore, but a way to give yourself a pick me up!

I hope this list will make beauty store shopping a little less stressful, and more enjoyable. Leave a comment or a question on any beauty product, and I will do my best to answer!




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