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Makeup Monday: Lisa

I love this girl.

No really, like really really love her.

She is my dear sister, my best friend and the one I mention in a lot of other blog entries. She is  an amazing encourager, my biggest fan and beautiful from the inside out! I’ve always looked up to for her amazing ability to unconditional love others.

I am extremely grateful she is allowing me to post these before and after pictures. Thanks Lisa!

Before: No makeup!


And after: These shots were taken in beautiful downtown Greensboro, NC. Well it’s like one main road, with some  fun old buildings and favorite local restaurants and shops. Photos taken by the awesome Alexa’s Photography.


She is so stunning! I love her little red dress. When we shot these photos, I was 8 months pregnant, and I was like “don’t stand next to me!” She was all cute and pretty, and I was all swollen and waddling. There is nothing that makes you feel larger than an elephant than standing next to a tiny size 2 girl. I’m kidding of course! (no, wait I’m totally not! lol)

Image 1

She looks so exotic in that picture (above.) Our dad’s side is hispanic and our momma is a european blonde. My goal with her makeup was to keep her skin really fresh and radiating. I wanted a natural glammed up makeup look, that when looking at her you saw only a beautiful girl, not a ton of makeup. And yes, that is her real hair. No extensions!

Image 3

Jay walking at it’s finest!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these before and afters as much I have! I love how makeup has the power to transform women. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman exuding confidence! Happy Monday folks!

Pink Hair Vintage Inspired Hair and Makeup

Recently I had the privledge of working with this pink haired beauty.

Obviously from the choice of her hair color, I knew she wouldn’t be into the natural beauty look. So for her, we chose to do a vintage inspired makeup and hair look but with a modern flare.

Vintage inspired means taking some classic methods and applications but personalizing them to fit a 2014 gal.

We opted to keep the classic black winged liner and strong brows with really clean, fresh skin. I didn’t contour her face a ton, except to chisel out her jaw line. We didn’t want the appearance of blush, so I used a very natural color from Mac with a light application. Instead of the traditional red lips, we chose a bright pink lip.

photo from my i-phone

photo from my i-phone


Her hair we roller set and then teased and shaped to our desire. From this angle it doesn’t look as high as it did in person (I think because I was standing over her taking the picture.)

Overall, we gave her a sassy look that matched her awesome pink hued hair.

Products used:

Face: MAC face and body, layerd with Studio Finish concealer in areas that needed it. Used various colors to custom blend.

Blush: MAC prism

Eyes: Two-faced eye primer, MAC naked lunch as high light with MAC wedge in crease

Eyeliner: MAC graphblack gel liner

Brows: MAC lingering

Highlight: Bare Escentuals clear radiance

Lips: MAC magenta lip liner and Viva Glam Special Edition pink lipglass

Contour: MAC matte bronze

Setting Powder: Laura Mercier transluscent powder

Bridal trials: Are they worth the $$?

I am often asked if doing a bridal hair and makeup trial is really necessary. The most obvious answer is YES! But regularly brides opt to not do one. The number one reason…they don’t want to pay the money to do it.

I fully realize that planning and paying for a wedding is ridiculously expensive. It all seems to add up so fast. And of course, it’s the little things that you don’t even think about that really jacks the cost up.

Skipping a hair and makeup trial may seem like a great way to save a few dollars but in the long run you are risking not getting the hair and makeup result you want–AND not perfecting your hair and makeup on your wedding day may result in possibly not liking the way you look in your wedding pictures. Pictures that cost thousands of dollars.

Top 5 Reasons to do a bridal hair and makeup trial:

  1. Trials are the best way to have peace of mind that hair and makeup will turn out how you imagined.
  2. Trials are the best way to see if you like a particular hair style again prior to the day. I cannot tell you the amount of times a bride shows me a picture of a hairstyle then realizes she likes a different one better once she sees it in place.
  3. Trials allow the stylist to know your hair type and to see how it works. Does it hold curl well, or not hold curl? Is it fine and thin or thick and coarse. This is amazingly helpful for the stylist and gives the bride a reality check in whether or not a hair style is best for her hair type and texture.
  4. Trials help the stylists practice on your hair and face, allowing the mistakes to happen prior to a wedding day.
  5. Trials give the client an opportunity to see what they do like and what they don’t like and to make the necessary adjustments.

Let’s take my past bride Ivy, for example. Here are a couple pictures of her hair style during the trial. We used this time to make adjustments. She has fine hair that we added extensions to add volume and overall thickness.  Prior to this, I had never met Ivy. I asked her a head of time to email me photos of hairstyles she liked, after realizing the styles she preferred would require more hair than she had, I recommended clip in extensions.

ivy trial

ivy trial 2

Overall, Ivy was pretty happy with her trial, but there was definitely room for improvement. Here is a shot of her profressional pictures.

Photo provided by Julia Wade Photography

Photo provided by Julia Wade Photography

Practice makes perfect and the same goes for a bridal trial. The more a stylist can get her hands on your hair and face the better it will look each time. Trust the person you hire for their expertise and knowledge with what will or will not work for your hair type. And most importantly SPEAK UP when you don’t like something. Stylists can’t fix something they don’t know about it. Trials may cost you some extra money, but in the long run you are insuring that you LOVE the way you look on your wedding day and in every wedding picture for years to come.

Side note: Why do stylists charge for trials? Because their time is valuable. You wouldn’t walk into a salon for a trial hair cut. If a service is being rendered then a cost is mandatory. If your stylist isn’t charging for a trial. 1. they are rolling it into the final cost or 2. they aren’t very good at what they do.


Again let me tell you how quick I was to turn this job down because of fear, but God in his graciousness kept the door still open for me. Read more about it here.

Commercial shoots can be really stressful. Often there are a number of advertisement executives, clients, photographers and of course the model that you have to please. That’s a whole lotta people judging your work. But the plus side is…you get to see your work on a bigger scale and work with some oh-so-talented-people.

image from Nastia Liukin's twitter page

image from Nastia Liukin’s twitter page

Last weekend I got the chance to do hair and makeup on 2008 Olympic individual all-around champion gymnast Nastia Liukin, 1984 Gold medalist Tim Daggett, and U.S. Olympian Gymnast John Roethlisberger, and NBC sports commentator Al Trautwig for the live Nastia Liukin Cup (aired LIVE Friday on NBC Sports) and the AT&T American Cup International (aired LIVE Saturday on NBC.) This was LIVE TV!


Basically my job consisted of providing hair and makeup that looked TV worthy. Immediately I was given a backstage pass that allowed me access on to the gymnastics floor. They wanted me to make sure the commentators were all set between takes so I was put next to them on the floor (they did give me a chair to sit on, not literally on the floor :)

At one point, I walked onto the actual gymnastics floor to re-touch a reporter that was giving a live action shot from the floor. Sweet! I was surrounded by all the male and female professional gymnasts. Talk about being in the thick of things.


I had a blast watching these competitions. I never have really watched professional gymnastics before and let me tell you that these guys and gals are pure athletes. The strength and coordination they have to have to be in this sport blows me away.


I praised God the entire time I was there on location because it was His hand that guided me here. I was so quick to say No to something I have prayed so long for because of fear and insecurities. I am so very thankful that God sees me and loves me enough to give me the desires of my heart. He sees those desires that are wrapped in a blanket of short-coming beliefs about myself, and gently shows me the Truth about who I am.  He never forces but softly reminds me of who He created me to be. I’m so thankful that God gives me second, third and sometimes even fourth chances to pursue dreams that seem to reach the clouds (and God’s listening ears.)

They haven’t uploaded the entire broadcast yet to Youtube, but when they do I will provide a link.

Makeup Monday: Bridal Sean

Here in North Carolina, the sun is back to shining in it’s glorious way. I’m so excited for spring, and all the colors and warmth the sun brings. Yay!

So today’s Makeup Monday is a bride named Sean. How cool is her name? I always wanted to boy turned girl name, it adds so much mystery and cool points automatically. This bride was from the Northeast with matching accent. Her entire bridal party was a ball of fun.


Above is a shot of her awesome up do. I love the way it turned out.

Tip for brides: Highlites and lowlites always make up do’s look better. The difference in colors make the intricacies of up do’s pop!


Sean opted for a more dramatic makeup look on the eyes. She rocked it!


False lashes completed her eye makeup. I always highly recommend them to brides. They really make the eyes a focus in pictures.


If I can recall correctly, I did most the of makeup on these beautiful ladies, except maybe 1. I loved the high eneregy of all these gals, and so enjoyed getting ready with them. I just heard from Sean and she is expecting her first baby this spring! Congrats Sean!


*all images by Mike Micciche Photography, Greensboro NC

Up dos!

I love up-dos!

image from Alexa's Photography

image from Alexa’s Photography

Image from Anna Paschal Photography

Image from Anna Paschal Photography

image from Alexa's Photography

image from Alexa’s Photography

images from my i-phone

images from my i-phone



Makeup Monday: Bridal Lauren

This is Lauren. I just love her speaking voice. It has a slight rasp to it, along with a mix of a southern twang and northern nasal sound. Just like me, minus the rasp.  She is from North Carolina, but currently resides in Chicago. I just love this girl!

The back drop for her wedding was the beautiful Adaumont Farm in Trinity, NC.

L+JDrogos020Yes that is  John Wayne photo in the background, welcome to the south y’all. Not sure why my shoulder  looks 4 feet wide, kinda cool or not. This shot was just when we were starting makeup, so we’ll call it the “before”picture.

L+JDrogos024Up close and personal after airbrush and touching up the eyes. Love this shot.

laurenBlack and White versus Color. Same shot, which one do you like better?

JustinLauren0032This color scheme is so pretty! Each bridesmaid had her own unique dress and shade of blue and turquoise. Stunning!

JustinLauren0030Her hair ended up soft and twisted back. Isn’t the corn field awesome!

All pictures by Blest Photography from Raleigh, NC. If you haven’t heard of them, you soon will. They are THE BEST husband and wife team. I scream everytime a bride tells me they are her photographer.

Happy Monday!

Minty Green Goodness

I love the cool winter months, but this year has been over the top for so many. I am blessed to live in North Carolina where the weather has been more mild than much of the nation. Two weeks ago we got a .25 inch of snow and the schools were closed for 2 days! As a former Chicagoian, it definitely makes me smile.

I have been craving some color since the sky has looked so gray this month. A quick color fix for me is always found in nail polish!

I generally tend to pick the same shades in nail polishes. This time, I went into the store and asked the sales clerk what sells the most. She led me to this little beauty…

2014-02-05 21.46.07

Now I never would normally pick a color like this. I’m not really into pastels, but this color is beautiful! I have had so many compliments on it. It is Essie’s Mint Candy Apple.

2014-02-05 21.46.45

I love this pop of color!

2014-02-05 21.46.22


Note to self: Ask someone else to pick out a nail color for you every single time! This was a great change for me than my usual coral/pink self.

2014-02-05 21.47.17


Oh Happy Day!

Go try Essie’s Mint Candy Apple!


Makeup Monday: Bridal Stephanie

Makeup Monday hopefully will cheer you up on this dreary Monday. It’s raining here in North Carolina and the green grass in these photos makes me yearn for spring. This is one of my beautiful bride’s from a few months ago. Doesn’t Stephanie have the best freckles? When I was a kid I wanted freckles so bad. I thought they made people look special and unique. Oh, and I wanted braces because all the teenagers had them and I thought they looked cool. Oh the workings of an 8 year old mind.

Stephanie was amazing. She was so very sweet and so in love with her hubby-to-be. Stephanie’s hair type was fine, and the length was slightly above her shoulders. We did a slightly off center low up do.

Isn’t that hair clip beautiful? I just love the vintage feel of it!


462How cool is this shot? Anna Paschal always amazes me! Check out her work!


Makeup Monday: Bridal Jennifer

Yay for makeup!

Bridal edition is here. I love brides. Some hairstylists try to avoid them like the plague, but I cherish them.

I love the raw high emotions that accompanies every wedding, sometimes bad most of the time good. I am with a bride at her most nerve wrecking moments…right before she steps into her dress on the biggest day of her life. Her wedding day.

Today’s Makeup Monday is Jenny. I love this girl. First, she is super smart and accomplished (like way smarter than I will ever be.)  :) And second, she has this sweetness about her that delights my heart. She was another bride that knew what she wanted when it came to hair and makeup and her confidence cannot go unnoticed. I love it! Jenny radiated beauty from the inside out!

I love the lighting in the below picture and especially how her hubby is looking at her. Wowza! Pictures by the talented Amy Terrell at Simple Moments Photography.


Happy Monday People!


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