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Help My Fried Hair! {NC hair stylist}

Sure, everyone likes a good Fried piece of something once in a while. I however, do not want the word “fried” associated to my hair!  Which is exactly how I would describe my dried out, over textured ends at this very moment. UGH!!

The over use of blow dryers, flat irons and over processed color applications can cause havoc on our delicate locks, or in my case it’s a combination of post pregnancy, a bad haircut, and too much flat ironing. I think most of us at some point can identify with unhealthy, dried out or crispy hair, and the question is what can you do about them ?  JUST HAND ME A PAIR OF SCISSORS! Before we all take the drastic measure of cutting our hair up to our ears, what can I do to try to repair my fried chicken hair?

  • DRINK WATER don’t shower!   Say what?? Drinking water not only is good for our insides is GREAT for our outsides. The more water you drink, the better your hair and skin will look and feel. Frequent showering, on the other hand, can dry out your skin and hair, stripping you of vital oils that nourish and moisturize. Try to wash your hair every 2-3 days, instead of every day. Dry shampoos are a life saver! My favorite is KMS Makeover Spray.
  • Deep Condition! Invest in a deep conditioner product that says it’s for dry and damaged hair. One of my favorite is Pureology Hydracure Intense Moisture Mask $51 (Leave on for 2-3 minutes and rinse out.)
  • Lay off the heat! Since you no longer will be washing your hair every day, you also will not be using heat (i.e.. blow dryer or flat irons) saving your hair from the damaging heat day after day.
  • Get a trim! You don’t have to take drastic measures by cutting your hair all the way off. Sometimes I basic trim can do the trick, and will help eliminate split ends from traveling further up the hair shaft. Really emphasize to a hairdresser exactly how much you want cut off.
  • Watch the bleach! Frequent highlighting can really damage the individual hair strands. Make sure you are going to a hairdresser that emphasizes healthy hair. Leaving bleach or lightener on too long can leave lasting damage that no amount of conditioning can fix.

I know first hand how dry and damaged hair can make you feel bad about your overall appearance, but the good thing about hair is that it grows back! Want to grow it faster? An overall healthy diet full of fresh fruits and veggies will help restore hair and make it grow faster. The more nutrients in your body, the healthier your hair and skin will shine. I’m off to get a trim and I’m drinking a spinach shake on the way out the door, GOODBYE fried chicken hair!


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