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Product Review: Moroccan Oil

I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist for just under 8 years, and in that time I have never really been blown away by any particular hair product. I’m serious! Let me re-phrase…I’ve never been blown away by any hair product for MY hair. My hair type is thick, wavy, and some what coarse, so hair products for me never really made a difference. Ya ya, there are products that help with frizz etc etc. I just never LOVED a product. You know, the kind of beauty product love where you grab the nearest phone and call all your girlfriends to tell them about your find. Or you find yourself in a store, and grab the nearest stranger, force her to run her fingers through your hair and insist she MUST try this product! That’s this type of love for me. I cannot live without it! Pass me some what?…MOROCCAN OIL!!!

I happen to stumble upon this when a hairstylist friend of mine cut my hair and applied Moroccan Oil before styling. I wasn’t even paying attention, paid and left, and did what everyone does after they get a haircut..ran my fingers through my hair. HALLELUJAH! What the heck happened to my hair? Gone was the bird’s nest, straw horse hair and in it’s place was the most silky and shiny head of hair that has EVER been attached to my neck! I freaked out, called my friend and demanded she tell me what she put on my hair. Love at first felt!

I use Moroccan Oil Treatment, which they ( call a “serum with instant absorption into hair that creates a beautiful shine and long term conditioning,” made with argan oil. A 3.4 oz size bottle retails for $40, but let me tell you, I have long hair and my bottle has lasted me for almost a year. The treatment is so concentrated that you barely use any, making it totally worth the $$ spent. I have used this product on an array of different types of hair, and believe me it’s great for even fine, thin hair. It doesn’t weigh it down at all, you just use for little (about a pea size amount.) I have found that the best use of this product is to apply it to towel dried hair (not soaking wet,) ¬†focusing on the ends and style with heat. Applying too much near the scalp may leave you feeling oily.

The company has expanded their line to include a lighter version of the original oil, as well as shampoos and conditioners, and oil sprays.¬†Moroccan Oil is only sold (as of right now) in certain salons or on their website, and Amazon. I think they are kinda picky of who distributes it. You cannot currently find it in Ulta or Sephora. Be aware of other “argan oils who claim to be Moroccan Oil” TRUST ME, the original is the one you want! Try it and leave a comment, let me know what you think!




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