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What is Grace & Lipgloss?? (NC Makeup Artist)

This is my very first blog (I hear applauding in my head!) Its taken my quite a while to even get this thing set up. I am not the most technological minded person, and simple i-phone apps frustrate the stink out of me! None the less, blog has been set up (with the help of one very bestie, thanks Alexa!)

I am a professional makeup artist and hairstylist, based in North Carolina. I do lots and lots of brides, commercial photo shoots, fashion shows, pageants, anything and everything to do with beautifying people! I’ve been doing hair a lot longer, but makeup is my true passion! My path into this career was definitely a God directed route.  I am constantly trying to better my craft and technique, and its a never ending process.

So get back to what Grace & Lipgloss, you say! Ok, so friends are constantly asking me for the latest tips and tricks for hair and makeup..ahem, the “lipgloss” section of this blog. I will be reviewing new and old beauty products, with occasional videos on how to apply them. Im a big believer in what you put in your body (i.e.. food and drink) is reflective on the outside, so I also will be covering nutrition in correlation with how it affects your beautiful face! Am I a size 2, heck no! But the right nutrition can transform you to a life of health and wellness. Another post to come with before and after pictures of me to show you what Im talking about.

And don’t we all need a little more “grace” for others? I know I do! Grace is reaching an understanding of how to go through life without being angry and nasty. We all have those days where we could kill everyone around us! Grace for others takes practice and is a choice to love instead of hate. Want to discover beauty with me? Let’s start from the inside out!


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